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Sourdough Bread – weekly pickup


Pick up freshly baked sourdough bread every week.  This is a weekly service, where you are agreeing to pick up either a full or half loaf every week at the same location in either Spokane or Coeur D’Alene.

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Get a freshly baked loaf of Organic, non-gmo sourdough bread made using wheat that is grown and milled right here in the pacific northwest every single week.  Store shelves are more and more empty with every trip.  Instead of bearing witness to that with multiple trips to the store each week wouldn’t it be better to pick up your staples at a local park where you can take in the fresh air, chat with other like minded people acquiring what their family needs and get you box of locally created things and go?  That is exactly what this weekly pick up is intended to be.  We are starting with bread but have already thought about adding organic jelly and jams and more as this grows.

This sourdough bread has been developed specifically with the parallel economy in mind.  I’m sourcing our ingredients with suppliers that feel the same way we do about freedom.  It’s only 3 ingredients; organic non-gmo sourdough starter, organic non-gmo all purpose flour, local spring water when available or purified water and salt.  These ingredients are minimal and readily available in our region.  Since I do still have choice in ingredients for best flavor I currently use organic rye flour for the sourdough starter. It would be easy to just convert to whatever flour I can get when it comes to that.  The rest is now made with flour from Cascade Organic Flour which is in Ellensburg, WA.   The natural bacteria in the sourdough works as a natural preservative helping keep your loaf fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Choose from our ever so popular all white sourdough bread or our 80/20 version containing 20% whole wheat flour for those looking for a little more substance from their bread.

This is a weekly service which helps keep our bread at a very good bargain compared to commercially produces preservative filled versions of the same thing. Spokane pick up location will be centrally located around the downtown area between 6-7pm.  Email will be sent with the location after your order is received.

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