Tuttle Twins Story Hour at the Spokane Freedom Exchange 9/3!

The Spokane Freedom Exchange is still on!

Yes our freedom exchange is still happening the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month in Franklin park in Spokane, Washington. The exchange goes from 9:30 – 11:30 rain or shine.

Agorism in action

You’re encouraged to bring items to barter with as opposed to using fiat currency. Things like “junk” silver(pre-1964 dimes, quarters and half dollars), jars, cheesecloth, other supplies, non-gmo and organic ingredients, cryptocurrency etc. If you have none of these take your fiat to a local store first and get $5-$10 in canning jars or some other ingredient you know a creator uses. Reason being most creators give much better deals for those interactions not involving fiat currency. By all means if all you have is fiat and aren’t comfortable bring something else then bring fiat and learn more about what to bring next time.

The important thing is to come and make connections with like minded people. In July we started the, “Tuttle Twins story hour and have been reading from a book in the “Tuttle Twins” series. This will continue on this coming Saturday. Bring your kids, enjoy some good food made with ingredients available at the exchange, make connections with like minded people and score some goods from one of our creators local to the area and support the parallel economy at the same time.

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